Provide industrial machinery and equipment

The target of project centre
– Become one of Vietnam's leading units in construction and equipment installation field in the small and medium hydropower plants.
Scope of Activities
– Construction of the entire power plants system.
– Combine with overseas partners in production, supply and installation of
the entire system of mechanical equipment, hydraulic, electrical equipment, measurement and control of hydro-power plants.
– Information Technology and Telecommunications.
Our Customers
– System customers Tay Nguyen hydro-power plants where gathers many small and medium hydro power plants in country. Example: Daklay, Dakpsi, Dakpone, Dakne, …
– The large hydro-power plant: Thac Ba Hydro-power plant, Hoa Binh hydro-power plant, Yaly hydro-power plant.
– Customers of the energy sector: Electricity; Testing Center; power plants ..

Some of our products